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Mario Goldstein

Mario “The Artist” Goldstein

Workshop Owner, Mechanic & 

Auto Paint Specialist


Dear Auto Enthusiast,

Have you ever viewed mountainous-slick paint jobs on hide vehicles?

… and ever wished that roughly gaze for your absorb project vehicle?

These roughly paint jobs mark hundreds money and most of us correct gaze and want. Simplest a lucky few have the property to get that dream gaze.

Ever wished to present your vehicle a fresh fresh coat of paint?

Or have you propose of learning spray painting but correct have not got the time to bear it?

Or have you ever wished to bear a straightforward vehicle physique work paint repair but have not any conception the place to beginning?

Successfully, all that is about to commerce….

“Search The Secrets and tactics of Auto Spray Painting & Physique Work Restore From The Professionals”

learn to spray paint your car - Spray Paint Secrets Course


From the Desk of Mario Goldstein

Jacksonville, Florida

Right here is Mario Goldstein and I’ve spent years as an auto mechanic, making living.

About five years prior to now, I spotted that the valid money was in spray painting and auto physique work. I took a minimize in pay originally, correct to be taught the flexibility.

Since then, I’ve never regarded attend.

At the fresh time I genuinely have my absorb shop, and no longer to brag, but I fabricate an improbable living doing something I genuinely enjoy.

The fellows in the shop have named me “The Auto Artist”.

I employ that with a grain of salt, but I genuinely ought to admit that it feels slightly proper.

I crawl to fragment with you all the pieces you’ve got got gotten to grab to manufacture any vehicle (or motorcycle or semi-truck for all that matter) gaze love hide high quality…

Nonetheless first, I wish to straighten just a few issues out…

It appears to be like love art, but it no doubt’s genuinely​​​​ correct a ability any person can be taught…

tesla cool custom paint

vintage car paint auto

Discovering out spray painting and bodywork repair is no longer any longer rocket science – if it was, I clear have not got been in a position to prevail. 

Or no longer it is a ability that takes preparation and prepare, and that is genuinely all there could be to it.

So, in case you suspect that these unbelievable paint jobs you see that correct knock each person’s socks off are the work of some inventive genius, suppose yet again.

Or no longer it’s correct some traditional man love you and me who’s taken the time to be taught to bear it.

If I will bear it, it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also bear it to. It most attention-grabbing makes sense, doesn’t it?

Yeah Mario, but doesn’​​​​t it mark a fortune?

In a observe, no.

It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe presumably also get the equipment to bear a gracious vehicle bodywork paint job for your vehicle for lower than $200, and most regularly loads less.

Discovering out to bear your absorb paint jobs can actually assign you hundreds of greenbacks.

And you do no longer even want an extensive love sales space!

All you want is the factual instruction, correct procedure and a large tool. It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe presumably discontinuance a lot with the factual gun.

Whats extra, doing all of your absorb bodywork repair way that you bear no longer ought to pay workshops to bear what it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also bear!

Nonetheless that is no longer any longer the true segment.

If you’ve got got executed your first paint job for your absorb vehicle, of us are going to search recordsdata from you the place you bought it executed.

If you repeat them that you did it yourself, they’re going to search recommendation from you about doing theirs.

Or no longer it’s love evening following day.

Are you starting to see the seemingly here?

Let me hide you exactly how this works:

Derive A Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Direction That Leads You By The Hand and Unearths The total Secrets and tactics of Agreeable Fine Spray Painting and Bodywork…

automotive spray paint repair


  • The EXACT grade by grade handbook to spray paint a vehicle easily in the shortest time
  • Guidelines on how to utilize “The Two Rag Manner” to swiftly full your job flawlessly in a fraction of the time it’s going to employ!
  • The three steps you’ve got got gotten to bear BEFORE starting for your paint job (practically nobody talks about this…)
  • Guidelines on how to compose the true defective coat swiftly (this style is so extremely straightforward and must shave hours of your project.)
  • The 5 CRUCIAL items you’ve got got gotten to employ voice when planning and preparing. Omit this out and you’ll extinguish time and money for your job!
  • Guidelines on how to wet sand and buff love the professionals – to get the entirely most attention-grabbing shine out of the paint bear!
  • Search easy the style to utilize the “Leapfrogging way” to paint your vehicle easily. (a diminutive bit known tip that pros use.)
  • Discover the place to get less dear instruments for your paint work (covers US, UK and Australia markets… works for any person with a little funds!)
  • Search what the most violated rule in spray painting is and why it’s going to be detrimental to your vehicle (I will count on one hand the quite loads of of times I see this deadly mistake…)


(Even the professionals crawl away out this out on occasion!)

how to paint your car like a pro

  • 3 FATAL mistakes that blueprint off overspraying… and what it’s top to NEVER bear (most of us I know fabricate this error with out even shining!)
  • Guidelines on how to utilize the “Spray Overlap” approach to get a workshop mushy bear (this could occasionally seemingly presumably maybe maybe be essentially the most potent procedure you’ll grasp)
  • Guidelines on how to utilize “The Landcoat Manner” to compose beautiful finishes… and or no longer it’s love nothing you’ve got got ever viewed earlier than
  • Basically the most efficient manner to setup your paint spray guns
    (plus the SINGLE major element you’ve got got gotten to bear…and the worst sin it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe ever commit)
  • Guidelines on how to take care of your spray gun the factual manner… plus pro triggering tactics for a uniform finish (bear this factual and you’ll take care of far off from paint blotches!)


(this tip is in mark for reducing down 40% of my project time)

how to apply primer to your car

car priming techniques

  • Guidelines on how to utilize the “reverse taping way” precisely to repair a paint patch (bear this wrongly and you’ll turn out hideous paint tones)
  • Search the correct manner to combine paint and their ratios… so you’ll know EXACTLY easy the style to combine with out any confusion.
  • The secrets of “Paint Touch Up” tactics … this few secrets supplies you the flexibility to the contact up love the professionals and assign a crawl back and forth to the workshop!
  • Search the #1 most attention-grabbing manner to appear at high quality coat… to get the true that it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also suppose of bear easily
  • Guidelines on how to employ away covering swiftly (with out detrimental the head coat)
  • Guidelines on how to polish your topcoat the use of the “Halo Technique”
    (If you spend this, you’ll never polish the identical manner yet again!)
  • What it’s top to NEVER bear when color sanding… (and the 4 strategies to bear it completely each time!)


car bodywork repairs and paint

And we’re correct getting warmed up! 

In Module 2 titled, Agreeable DIY BodyWork Restore, I will moreover point out…

  • 3 strategies to repair scratches for your vehicle with out repainting or rebuffing (it genuinely works even on deep scratches)
  • The secret to make a quite loads of the becoming sanding grit… it’s opposite to what you’ve got got been told
  • Search chemical & mechanical bonding tactics that workshop uses
  • The straightforward manner to straighten steel panels the use of easy instruments… and assign a crawl back and forth to the workshop!
  • The 4 issues you’ve got got gotten to gaze out for all over pre Restore Inspection and Physique Work Preparation
    (crawl away out this out and you’ll double your project time)
  • Guidelines on how to repair alloy wheels & damaged windscreens easily with out a crawl back and forth to the physique shop (extensive savings with these tactics!)
  • A “diminutive know” proven manner to precisely employ away badges and moldings swiftly
    with out causing any damage or scratches
  • Guidelines on how to utilize handbook coats to point out imperfections easily
    (this straightforward procedure will assign you hundreds time!)
  • Guidelines on how to absorb pinholes for your bodywork precisely
    (it’s considerable bear this the factual manner BEFORE painting)
  • What you’ve got got gotten to NEVER bear when compounding & buffing to take care of far off from irreparable damage
  • The breakthrough approach to wet sanding for a mushy, scratch free bear
  • Study the becoming to combine precisely the use of hardeners… plus be taught to appear at, stage and shape fillers love the professionals
  • And MUCH MORE Physique Work Restore Programs to see!

Whoah! That’s a ramification of proven, tested tactics that it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also use factual now to paint or repair your vehicle…

And or no longer it’s stuff that the ‘workshop pros’ can’t explain you, because they



These are the true tactics I use to spray paint and repair vehicles and vehicles for over 15 years, so it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also imagine the improbable price that you’ll be getting.

And love I talked about…I’m practically giving this away

I will hide this intimately in a minute, but first you’ve got got gotten to completely model that…


car respray techniques

spray gun custom painting

Peek. I’ve held



The total ideas of the alternate you’ve got got gotten to grab are included – issues it took me years to be taught by trial and mistake.

Even if you are a weak now, you will receive a fresh procedure or two that could presumably maybe kick your ability stage into the stratosphere.

If you happen to’re a beginner, you’ll be aware about training that enables you to paint or repair love the professionals, and assign you time and money!

Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™ is a ought to for any one who’s brooding about car physique work repair and spray painting.

Or no longer it’s love gaining years of ride in most attention-grabbing just a few hours!

Study the alternate secrets of a talented paint job with

hundreds time and money saving pointers

Why paid over $1000 if you happen to could presumably maybe bear it all by yourself! This step-by-step training DVDs will explain you all you’ve got got gotten to grab with out paying costly service charges yet again.

If you happen to could presumably maybe very properly be brooding about a fresh occupation or correct wish to assign a fortune on the physique shop, this course could presumably maybe maybe be very most basic to you.

Just a few of The Paint Jobs We now have Completed:

Give your vehicle a full makeover! 

Check out these spray paint jobs we have executed under. A brand fresh paint job will breath fresh life into your getting previous vehicle. The difference could presumably maybe maybe moreover be genuinely nice!

Listen To What Our Fans Comprise To Recount:

SprayPaintSecrets™ were dispensed in all places the sphere.

Or no longer it’s practically embarrassing, but I get letters and emails from possibilities who have veteran what they’ve learned to appear at improbable trick paint jobs to their very absorb vehicles and even some who’ve long gone on to beginning successful agencies​!

Nonetheless don’t correct employ my observe for itlisten to what our followers ought to claim:

Spray Paint Secrets Customer Review

Spray Paint Secrets Customer Review

Spray Paint Secrets Customer Review

Or no longer it’s easy to be taught these tactics!

“The spray paint movies you offer are correct improbable. It is terribly easy to be taught these tactics from Mario with grade by grade directions. Thank you! ”

– Pat Woods

“Simplest $37 bucks I’ve ever spent!”

“Simplest $37 bucks I’ve ever spent! Mario is apt and I genuinely felt love he was instructing me… and you do no longer get that very most regularly with movies. Extremely truly handy!”

– Mike Robertson

Photos of Our Buyer’s Rides:

audi cool spray painting design

Dennis Snyder – Cary, NC

mercedes gullwing paint

Joshua Cook dinner – Franklin, PA

Ferrari red car paint job

Larry Wells – Buffalo, NY

Peek on the improbable paint job that they’ve executed on their very absorb, with out costly fees from the physique shop.

And also it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also bear it too, with the support of my course, Spray Paint Secrets and tactics.

Derive Instant Entry To Videos + DVDs shipped to your mailbox!

car paint repairs and bodywork

You are going to get the DVDs shipped to your mailbox PLUS INSTANT access to the movies and tutorials.

That way you place no longer ought to support for the discs to advance – it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also beginning looking at true now for your computer, cell or tablet.

Our movies are acceptable with all cell devices, Mac or PC and all predominant pills

Right here is Exactly What I’m Providing You At the fresh time: A Time-Restricted Particular Open Provide

how to spray paint your car with Spray Paint Secrets

The Complete “Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™’ Direction retails for $97.00

On the opposite hand, you are NOT paying the corpulent retail mark on the fresh time.

To have an supreme time our beginning, I’m offering a HUGE $60 minimize mark for the predominant 200 copies. 

That’s factual, if you happen to employ movement factual now you will get access to every “Spray Paint Secrets and tactics DVD” and “Agreeable Bodywork Restore” for most attention-grabbing $97 $37.00!(after first 200 copies are sold, the offer could be taken down and I will elevate the associated rate attend as a lot as $97… and it’s going to restful be deal for what you are getting.)

This could happen anytime in the subsequent few days

Right here is practically the lowest mark you will receive anywhere for this stage of high quality training.

And To Sweeten The Deal, I will Be Giving You This


paintless dent repair

Paintless Dent Elimination is a highly professional process which you’ll grasp easily with me.

It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe see how minor dings and dents are eradicated from an vehicle’s exterior WITHOUT the costly and time drinking want for physique shop repairs or repainting. 

It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe moreover be taught apt vehicle scratch repair strategies and bodywork restoration too.

The educational course in this bonus module moreover covers:

  • Paintless Dent Elimination
  • Alloy Wheel Repairs
  • Windshield Restore
  • Cigarette Burn Repairs
  • Plastic Welding
  • Leather-based entirely Repairs
  • And heaps extra!

Now, how’s that for a shameless bribe?

Be conscious, this is a time-diminutive bonus and its most attention-grabbing on hand for the predominant

200 21 possibilities most attention-grabbing.

Please don’t be offended in case you approach to this spot later and receive the total offer is long gone or the associated rate has increased.

Right here is What To Attain Next:

car paint repairs made easy with Spray Paint Secrets

Esteem I talked about earlier than, this special beginning offer is diminutive in quantity. Once the predominant 200 21 copies are sold out, we’ll employ down this offer.

You are going to get the Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™ 2 DVD Direction Plus The Paintless Dent Elimination Videos Bonus for correct $97 $37

I will ship the two DVD to practically anywhere in the sphere and you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the movies while you wait for the DVDs to advance in the mail.

So employ agreeable thing about this time diminutive minimize mark now and click on the button under to beginning:

Retail: $97

At the fresh time’s Price: $37

HURRY! Particular beginning offer ending soon

Speed, This Provide Is Extremely Restricted And Will no longer Final Prolonged!

Right here is why…We now have most attention-grabbing printed two hundred copies of this course, and when they’re long gone… properly, they’re long gone!

I’m no longer clear when the subsequent production will beginning and this could seemingly be priced at $97.

You see, at this slash-off date, it’s my arrangement to most attention-grabbing offer a little, diminutive provide of the Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™ for “public consumption at this introductory mark of $37

If this page is restful here, then the offer is dwell. Nonetheless I reserve the factual to drag it down at any time with out a survey.

To substantiate you do no longer crawl away out out, act now…

My Totally Nasty, ‘Relish It Or Shove It’ Guarantee

I 100% Guarantee you’ll like this course or I will refund you with out a questions requested.

I could presumably even employ it one step further…

Behold the movies in my course. If you happen to don’t get outcomes you desire or in case you merely don’t love it for any reason…

… heck, even in case you do no longer love the style I sound, let me know internal 60 days and I’ll bear a corpulent refund plus it’s seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe also take care of the DVDs correct for the disaster.

Right here is my 60 Day, “Relish It Or Shove It” Guarantee

That’s factual. You don’t even ought to send anything else attend!

Factual electronic mail me or name the number for your receipt and I will come up with attend your delivery rate with out a questions requested.

How’s that for magnificent?

Nonetheless that can no longer happen because I’m assured that while you full your individual video sessions, you’ll be changed with out end.  Why?

Because you’ll true now know extra than 99% of the so-called “professional” mechanics.


Grab your copy under while you restful can. Don’t let it plug away.

learn to spray paint your car like the pros

Retail: $97

At the fresh time’s Price: $37

HURRY! Particular beginning offer ending soon

Thanks for taking the time to be taught this page and I look forward to listening to from you soon!

Mario Goldstein

Mario Goldstein

P.S. Have to you are one among these of us that correct skip to the tip of the letter, here is the deal:

I’m mailing you a bodily copy of my most neatly-liked course “Spray Paint Secrets and tactics” in 2 DVD structure plus

instantaneous access

to on-line movies.

You get step by step video tutorials, every ingredient and visual you want to be taught to spray paint or repair the bodywork for your vehicle.

These are proven tactics, secret workshop pointers, ideas that I’ve veteran over the final 15 years to paint and repair vehicles in my workshop.

Don’t extinguish time and repair fees in overpriced workshops yet again!

P.P.S Right here’s a very diminutive offer because I’ve most attention-grabbing printed two hundred copies of the DVD and they’re packed and in a position to be shipped.

After we’ve sold out we’ll ought to bear one other print trek and I don’t know the way long this could employ. The next batch will moreover

be priced at FULL retail

. So act now and get your discounted copy.

P.P.P.S I’m so assured you’ll like this course, that if it doesn’t, let me know and I will command a corpulent refund.

Right here is my “Relish It or Shove It” money-attend guarantee. You don’t even ought to send the anything else attend! There’s entirely no possibility for you.

Click on here and claim your copy now.

It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe presumably no longer feel sorry about it

Favor To Study Spray Painting and Auto Restore The Easy and Swiftly Reach? Right here is THE Finest Different It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe presumably have got Been Ready For…

By now, you’ve got got gotten a proper conception what Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™ is all about. It is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe maybe presumably have got be taught on the tactics you’ll see, viewed photos of the outcomes, and you’ve got got got be taught the testimonials of of us that rave about the product.

You retain in mind that you have got got got gotten

no possibility

if you happen to raise – backed by my 100% money-attend guarantee.

So employ movement & instruct Spray Paint Secrets and tactics™ now :

Retail: $97

At the fresh time’s Price: $37

HURRY! Particular beginning offer ending soon

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