Neat Affiliate: How I Made $436,797 in One 365 days

Rosalind Gardner, Author of the Neat Affiliate Handbookwho, with NO industry trip modified into a Neat Affiliate incomes $500,000+ per year promoting other of us’s stuff online.

Dear Aspiring Affiliate Marketer,

Even supposing I abominate the term and don’t have a tiara, my colleagues known as me the “Queen of Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing“. 🙂 In the industry since 1998, a replace magazine pegged me as basically the most experienced female affiliate marketer.

Over time, hundreds of ‘customary, non-technical folks’ (correct take care of you — and me) hang realized be taught the technique to beginning up and urge their have a success web online affiliate advertising and marketing corporations using the systems I say within the Neat Affiliate Handbook (and as an industry expert speaker, magazine columnist, and manual) and YOU can be taught them too!

I say by instance – using my have affiliate web sites.

From blog installation, to compose, pronounce material creation, and all systems of advertising and marketing – I STILL compose it all. (Thunder: Many other affiliate coaching applications state MY affiliate web sites as examples with out my permission. That’s because of those so-known as ‘trainers’ don’t hang affiliate web sites. They faux to be working affiliates to take you money, but they don’t hang any real trip.)

So, whilst you’re fed up in bogus claims and hype and wish to be taught the kind web online affiliate advertising and marketing basically works, assist finding out…

IMPORTANT Thunder: This is NOT a Salvage-Wealthy-Hastily Plot!!!

So, What’s Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing?

In a nutshell, web online affiliate advertising and marketing is an association between an online merchant and affiliate (you), in which the affiliate earns a commission for generating sales, leads, and/or clicks for the merchant’s web place.

Let’s command, many bank card corporations pays you between $5 and $20 in commission for each visitor that you send to their place who completes a bank card utility, and up to $55 for those whose applications are permitted.

That’s a gigantic commission, and though many corporations pay much less, there are also many corporations that pay essential MORE!

Right here’s but every other instance. Once you promote this Elite TR6633 Treadmill which sells for $6,495.00 as an affiliate of MegaFitness, they’ll pay you a 10% commission… or $649.50!

“Unbelievable!”, you command. You’re absolutely correct!

How essential it’s doubtless you’ll perchance produce is dependent in share on the products you in deciding to sell, and within the Neat Affiliate Handbook, I existing you precisely be taught the technique to bag the top corporations and products to promote.

Free Video: Draw shut a Tour of One of My Affiliate Web sites

In the “Draw shut a Tour” video, you’ll sight the magnificent place compose on my blog (the Neat Affiliate Handbook covers be taught the technique to put in a blog — which received’t take you bigger than 3 to 5 minutes), the products that I promote, and be taught about a of the secrets that I state to generate so essential earnings with web online affiliate advertising and marketing.

To derive your free video, merely enter your name and electronic mail deal with within the originate under.

Alternatives within the Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing Business

From Wikipedia

In step with one document, complete sales generated by affiliate networks in 2006 modified into as soon as $2.16 billion within the UK on my own. MarketingSherpa’s research group estimated that WAY BACK in 2006, affiliates worldwide earned $6.5 billion in bounty and commissions from a differ of sources in retail, deepest finance, gaming and playing, commute, telecom, training, publishing, and forms of lead skills other than contextual advert networks corresponding to Google AdSense. That figure is anticipated to expand to $13 billion in 2022.

A complete industry has grown around online web online affiliate advertising and marketing because of the mid-Nineties and it is getting bigger the entire time.

Conventions are regularly held and attended by hundreds of of us and there’s even an offline magazine devoted entirely to the topic of web online affiliate advertising and marketing.

Entire affiliate networks corresponding to, Rakuten, and ShareaSale exist for the reason of bringing merchants and affiliates together.

There are THOUSANDS of merchants with affiliate applications.

SONY, Dell, and Other BIG Mark Names Want YOU to Promote Their Products!

In most cases, any firm searching for to compose industry on the bag WITHOUT an friends program this worth day is ineffective within the water – and they all need affiliates to promote their products!

Listed below are a number of the BIG keep-name corporations that state affiliate applications to promote their products online:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Dell
  • Demand Card
  • Buck Hire-a-Vehicle
  • eBay
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Gateway
  • Hole
  • KMart
  • Original York Times
  • NBC
  • Ancient Navy
  • Patagonia
  • PayLess Sneakers
  • PetSmart
  • SONY
  • Sports Authority
  • Staples
  • TimeLife
  • USA On the fresh time
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Weight Watchers

…and naturally, perchance basically the most famed friends program of all,

Most inspiring of all, TENS of THOUSANDS of colleagues manufacture cash each day and THOUSANDS of of us hang stop their dull day jobs to alter into chunky-time affiliate entrepreneurs – moderately deal of whom produce MILLIONS of bucks a year.

May presumably furthermore YOU compose it?

Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing is NOT Rocket Science

One thing that most basically a success affiliates compose is assist their web site visitors manufacture shopping for selections by telling them which products are easiest and why. A top instance is Rosalind Gardner, who earns $30,000 to 50,000 a month in affiliate commissions…” Allan Gardyne –

Affiliate advertising and marketing is NOT rocket science. Far from it!

You don’t need an MBA to compose industry on the bag. I ought to tranquil know. I had ZERO industry trip when I started off. Nothing… nada.

The truth is, when I started, I barely knew be taught the technique to surf the bag!

All I had modified into as soon as the desire to alter into my have boss, and a HUGE motivation to manufacture some excellent cash to manufacture up for the retirement belief I’ll perchance well hang to present up when I finally stop my job.

For twenty years sooner than beginning my Files superhighway industry, I labored for the executive, as an air web site visitors controller. I knew I wasn’t going to manufacture it to retirement in that occupation. The loopy shifts had been making me sick, so I needed to compose something to secure my future so as that I’ll perchance perchance stop sooner than the job killed me.

Happily, I purchased related to the ‘Rep correct all around the time I fell sick. I’m no genius, but it didn’t take long sooner than I seen the prospective for a enjoyable and profitable residence-basically based industry using the ‘Rep.

I modified into as soon as correct. Two years after I began to ‘play’ with web sites, I stop my job as an air web site visitors controller. Most inspiring two years – and that modified into as soon as with none basically expert web online affiliate advertising and marketing coaching!

Thunder: By following the coaching program within the Neat Affiliate Handbook, moderately deal of my students hang stop their corrupt day jobs in essential much less time!

I’m ready to beginning up now!

So, what qualifies me to say web online affiliate advertising and marketing?

Dear Rosalind,

Thank you very essential for your big work as an affiliate. Your efforts convert very effectively.

Our moderate conversion rate is more fit about 1-1.5%, but you’ve reached as excessive as 6% along with your prospects! In actuality, I’m very outlandish about how you compose that…

Val Danilchuk

I DO what I say, and I excel as an affiliate marketer. Since I stop my day job as an air web site visitors controller in 2000, I’ve earned 100% of my earnings online. In 2002, I earned a whopping $436,797 US in affiliate commissions (then worth $657,801 CDN). Now, I produce essential bigger than that as an affiliate!

Right here’s proof.

NOTE: Even supposing the title of the Handbook specifies the amount that I made in 2002. I merely utter 500,000 + (PLUS) within the headline above… because of as soon as I command bigger than 500K, I derive a deluge of marriage proposals. 🙂

My affiliate web sites are so profitable, they’ve been written about in venues corresponding to ‘Secrets and ways to Their Success‘, ‘Runt Business Alternatives, and ‘Earnings‘ magazines.

After being profiled in Earnings Magazine, (the categorical magazine for the web online affiliate advertising and marketing industry), I modified into as soon as invited to write their “Affiliate’s Corner” column.

Moreover to writing, I in total discuss at industry conferences corresponding to:

Rosalind moderating the ‘What Neat Pals Want’ panel at the web online affiliate advertising and marketing industry’s premier convention, Affiliate Summit.

  • Affiliate Summit
  • Affiliate Convention
  • AdTech
  • Yanik Silver’s Underground
  • Scheme Seminar
  • Casino Affiliate Convention
  • PPC School room
  • Unlimited Strength Online (Dubai)
  • and additional…

I’m ready to beginning up now!

Be taught Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing using a Step-by-Step Understanding

Neat Affiliate HandbookIn the center of my work as an Files superhighway advertising and marketing manual to boot to publisher of a in point of fact in kind newsletter for webmasters and affiliate entrepreneurs, I’ve heard the total ‘How compose I?’ questions.

The state of a step-by-step belief for industry-constructing, the ‘Neat Affiliate Handbook’ solutions the total questions you’ve and tons, many extra. Listed below are some examples of what it’s doubtless you’ll perchance be taught:

  • You derive 200+ files-packed pages of intellectual guidelines and real-lifestyles examples of WORKING affiliate web sites (Thunder: Many Affiliate Managers advocate the Neat Affiliate Handbook to their affiliates. In actuality, Anik Singal makes it required finding out for his employees. )
  • “How To” ideas to place you money, time, and energy while constructing your web online affiliate advertising and marketing industry.
  • Salvage a in point of fact easy-to-realize 5-step overview of the industry-constructing process.
  • Demand the highest 25 mistakes that ‘customary’ affiliates manufacture, and be taught the technique to AVOID them.
  • originate a web place that keeps web site visitors coming wait on for additional.
  • 29 systems to market your affiliate web sites online and off.
  • Why you’ve to take care of away from the ‘flea market’ approach to Files superhighway advertising and marketing.
  • assess a marketplace for profitability.
  • Demand which products are basically equipped online.
  • Be taught which applications to take care of away from and when to fall others.
  • The place to bag free machine that would possibly perchance place you each cash and time.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to barter a elevate for your commissions.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to pause Thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.

…and there’s extra… MUCH MORE! You are going to even Be taught:

  • Which 6 components you MUST trust when selecting a area name.
  • Promote Companion Capabilities and Products with a Newsletter.
  • state Signature Files to Set MORE Company.
  • How Forums can bring you additional web site visitors.
  • Be taught which systems bring web site visitors to your place FAST.
  • 9 Programs to Salvage Online page online web site visitors to Your Procedure for FREE.
  • The TRUTH about reciprocal linking.
  • How writing a simple ezine article can bring extra web site visitors to your place for FREE.
  • Salvage MORE sales from YOUR place even whilst you are promoting the identical product as hundreds of other affiliates.
  • Be taught EXACTLY what Neat Pals compose that other affiliates don’t compose.
  • The 20 questions that You MUST derive solutions to BEFORE you be half of an friends program.
  • My popular places to advertise.
  • Which machine finds a success niche subject issues and saves HOURS, even DAYS of handbook labor.
  • write compelling product endorsement.
  • Why you don’t wish to state the advertising and marketing cloth equipped by some affiliate applications.
  • 6 Vital Substances that EVERY a success web place has in standing.

You are going to even…

  • Demand how Keyword and Niche Market Study correct bought moderately deal of simpler.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to Set up a Blog in 7 simple steps with screenshots to existing you each step of the technique.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to Submit to your Blog.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to place a novel Web page for your Blog.
  • Demand be taught the technique so that you can add Classes to your Blog.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to Procedure File Permissions with and with out FTP.
  • Demand precisely be taught the technique to Set up Links for your posts and pages.
  • Uncover be taught the technique to place Images for your Posts and Pages.
  • Demand precisely be taught the technique to Set up a Original Theme (leer) for your blog.
  • Be taught extra about Contextual Promoting and the place to bag the most urged contextual promoting networks.
  • Demand be taught the technique to place Google Adsense for your blog.
  • Demand 97 Screenshots of how everything works!

Neat Affiliate Handbook vs. Other Practising

Confirmed right here is an image of Brian Marcus, in his standing of enterprise at the Performics affiliate community (now the Google Affiliate Network), retaining his copy of the Neat Affiliate Handbook.

Even supposing other affiliate coaching manuals hang some solid points (and I compose advocate one as a companion to the Neat Affiliate Handbook), most web online affiliate advertising and marketing coaching manuals at the present equipped are both seriously out-of-date; fail to educate precious place and web site visitors-constructing ways (corresponding to blogging) or solely bypass a in point of fact worthy advertising and marketing systems. Furthermore, one in every of of us who fails to educate the basics is also ridiculously costly.

Nonetheless, the modestly-priced, generally up thus a ways Neat Affiliate Handbook is by a ways basically the most complete on the topic of web online affiliate advertising and marketing, which explains why web online affiliate advertising and marketing professionals, corresponding to affiliate community and fair program managers to boot to merchants with affiliate applications even hang a duplicate of the Neat Affiliate Handbook.

Furthermore, the Neat Affiliate Handbook is stocked in libraries and weak in University and College ecommerce applications.

Perhaps most severely, I existing you be taught the technique to deal with the concerns that affiliates hit upon and be taught the technique to take care of away from the mistakes that many affiliates manufacture – something other trainers correct don’t dispute you about.

Students’ Success Tales

Colin McDougall: The Affiliate “Diagram-Again Miniature one”

After I first heard from him, Colin McDougall modified into as soon as decided for assist. Following a undeniable web online affiliate advertising and marketing coaching diagram, Google dropped his web sites and his affiliate commissions fell by an out of this world 40K per month.

Colin McDougallDear Rosalind

I am so relieved to hang left “the (name withheld) kind” approach to web online affiliate advertising and marketing.

I am now taking what I basically hang realized from you and adopting your ideas to my place-constructing

efforts and ultimately basically feel a sense of relief.

It’s supreme how hasty my extinct-kind web sites are death because of serious flaws with the extinct approach, alternatively, web site visitors to my unique web sites is growing even extra hasty.

Sparkling that I am rebuilding on a rock-reliable basis brings big excitement.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Colin McDougall

Colin did one thing correct – he requested for my assist, then be taught the Handbook. To the categorical is correct one in every of the notes that he despatched me after beginning to hang a examine ways in which he realized within the Neat Affiliate Handbook.

Since Colin started following the Neat Affiliate Handbook approach to web online affiliate advertising and marketing, he has MORE than modified his earnings.

He’s now an authority affiliate marketer and as of late presented on a panel with me at the Affiliate Summit convention.

Apply-up: In the time since Colin amended his systems, he has bigger than rebuilt his affiliate industry and change accurate into a Neat Affiliate, his success has been profiled in Earnings magazine and he too now speaks at industry conferences.

Matt Followed My Recommendation…

Right here’s a letter from Matt Haller, correct one in every of many affiliate entrepreneurs now benefiting from what I say within the Neat Affiliate Handbook.

Hi there Rosalind,

I correct wished to take a 2d & for my share thanks for the entire encouragement & would possibly perchance well assist you’ve given me over the final year.

This month I handed the $10,000 a month club in earnings & I gotta dispute you, I’m mad.

All I compose is sell clickbank products & make single opt in electronic mail subscribers.

I’m making $10,000 per month now, but I do know I’ll perchance perchance compose triple that, if I had about a other related products & any person that is conscious of excellent advert copy.

Rosalind. Thanks So Great Again. You’ve got actually modified my lifestyles…


Matt Haller

Unsolicited Testimonials from Readers and Business Experts

Enthralling, intellectual, and simple—what else would possibly perchance perchance you need? I command derive this one and place it to the test. The explicit gold in cyberspace is in being a sexy affiliate. Nicely, right here’s the roadmap to existing you the kind. You don’t even need your have product! Focus on about a no-brainer approach to wealth. Amazing. I realized loads and basically feel impressed, to boot!

— Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Most inspiring-Selling Author – “Non secular Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing”

This is what Neat Affiliate Handbook readers to boot to expert Files superhighway and Affiliate Entrepreneurs hang to assure about the ‘Neat Affiliate Handbook’…

…and unlike many Files superhighway entrepreneurs, I didn’t aquire these testimonials … they’re solely unsolicited.

Master Files superhighway and Affiliate Entrepreneurs take care of Jim Edwards, Michael Campbell, Allen Says, Damon G. Zahariades, Phil Wiley, Ken Calhoun, Kevin Bidwell, Rick Adams, Mike Lamb, Jeff Mulligan, Marty Nemko, Jeff Alderson, Jason Anderson, T.H. Quah, hang RAVED about the Neat Affiliate Handbook with comments corresponding to:

  • “…this book is inconceivable.”
  • “My top remorse is that this book didn’t exist, when I first started my web online affiliate advertising and marketing profession, wait on within the autumn of ’ninety nine.”
  • “Cease what you’re doing and derive “The Neat Affiliate Handbook” NOW!”
  • “This is needed finding out for anybody who needs to manufacture cash online..”
  • “…complete ROADMAP to promoting affiliate applications.”
  • “…one in every of the few that’s basically commended.”
  • “WOW!

Click right here to be taught the chunky testimonials.

Would Affiliate Advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing Swimsuit YOU?

The income skill of the Rep is growing at an supreme rate. And the listing of of us who can derive pleasure from becoming concerned with cyber commerce is getting longer each minute.

Let’s command, over 1,000,000 retirees hang returned to work as of late after sustaining tremendous losses of their retirement financial savings portfolios. Moderately than working at the native laundromat, many hang chosen to manufacture MORE cash and work at HOME as affiliate entrepreneurs.

An web online affiliate advertising and marketing industry is more fit for anybody within the scenarios listed under.

Are you…

  • An at-residence dad or mum with small kids?
  • An at-residence caregiver?
  • Physically challenged?
  • Unemployed?
  • A sufferer of downsizing and at an age when finding unique employment will be spirited?
  • A Retiree shopping for exciting job and/or wanting extra cash?
  • A Pupil who needs cash and flexible hours?
  • A Graduate who lacks job trip?
  • An Individual who needs extra cash, but can’t take a 2d away-from-residence job?
  • Someone with a real-time industry who needs extra cash?
  • Someone with abilities or spare time actions that would possibly perchance perchance also merely even be grew to alter into into an online carrier or industry?
  • An folks ‘caught’ for your most trendy job or industry?
  • Someone who needs a distress?
  • An particular particular person that needs an intellectual distress?
  • Someone with costly habits?
  • Someone who would possibly perchance perchance state some extra cash
  • Someone with a job who needs to produce extra for retirement?
  • An particular particular person that needs to manufacture a threat-free profession replace?
  • Someone with a big expense to place for: e.g. college for the kids?
  • Folks that need extra flexible working hours?
  • Someone who is ready to fireplace their boss?
  • An particular particular person that feels ‘caught’ within the 9 to 5 rut?
  • Someone who needs to pause commuting to work?
  • Someone who needs to make cash working from residence?
  • An particular particular person that feels discriminated against in old college jobs?
  • Someone who lives in a remote space the place employment opportunities are restricted?
  • Someone who WANTS to stay in a remote space and tranquil hang an earnings?

So… are you ready to assure goodbye to your boss, fall the commute, and work in PJ’s (or nothing in any respect) on a time desk of your have selecting?

I’m ready to beginning up now!

The Affiliate Procedure of life

affiliate I stumbled on that the REAL advantages that reach from working at residence and incomes my living from the Files superhighway are about essential MUCH bigger than making moderately deal of cash. It’s about having the liberty to stay your lifestyles as YOU resolve.

How excellent would lifestyles be whilst you

  • May presumably furthermore employ extra time with family and mates.
  • Dwell wherever YOU need.
  • Throw the apprehension clock away.
  • Draw shut holidays when YOU selected.
  • Articulate goodbye to your horrifying boss.
  • For sure now no longer needed to power to work in a blizzard.
  • Play and state extra.
  • May presumably furthermore make a REAL retirement belief.
  • Invest for your children’ training.
  • …stay alternatively YOU resolve to stay.

The advantages of working for myself a ways exceeded my hopes and dreams. Yup, that’s an image of me and my ‘dream machine. Nope, that’s now no longer about cash, that’s about having the time to basically enjoy the high-tail.

Isn’t it time to manufacture YOUR dreams reach excellent?

I’m ready to beginning up now!

Guarantees, Bonuses and MORE

Is Files within the Neat Affiliate Handbook Recent?

For sure! Attributable to Files superhighway industry skills and ways are constantly evolving, I generally change the Neat Affiliate Handbook to think those changes. The most trendy revision to the Neat Affiliate Handbook modified into as soon as uploaded on January 23, 2019.

Is There a Guarantee?

Completely! You would possibly perchance well perchance perchance also absorb to 8 weeks (56 days) to place it to the test! Once you aren’t joyful with the “Neat Affiliate Handbook” at any time internal 8 weeks (56 days), I’ll give your a refund … no questions requested!

Amazing Tag … even at 3, 4, or 5 Times the Tag!

I’ve spent tens of hundreds of bucks on machine, services and products, and other ‘experts’ ebooks, all related to web online affiliate advertising and marketing. I’ve also invested hundreds of hours to top my web online affiliate advertising and marketing ways.

In the ‘The Neat Affiliate Handbook’, you derive pleasure from all my web online affiliate advertising and marketing trip and investments. You are going to sight my purposeful and most trendy web sites that produce tens of hundreds every month. You are going to be taught precisely which services and products and machine provide the easiest price for your buck. You also assist away from the dear mistakes that I’ve made at some stage in my finding out process.

To derive access to all this ‘insider’ files and the coolest thing about years of research and trip would in most cases price hundreds of bucks.

I’ve seen 30-page reviews about niche areas of Files superhighway advertising and marketing sell for up to $250! Why so essential? Attributable to that’s what of us pays for basically expert files and instruction.

But I feel about in sharing the wealth and FAIR pricing, so I give you a:

Particular Tag

No longer $97.00

Attach $70.00

Most inspiring $27.00

That’s decrease than one-fifth the amount I payment for a one-hour phone session! Other web online affiliate advertising and marketing ebooks that sell for bigger than $160 are incomplete, out-of-date, and don’t reach shut to offering all that ‘The Neat Affiliate Handbook’ teaches you.

“So, What’s The Rep? Why Originate I Sell ‘The Neat Affiliate Handbook’ for Much less Than $100, or even $50?”

Nicely, for one simple reason.

Since it’s doubtless you’ll perchance download Handbook straight during the Files superhighway, I basically have not any inventory or dispute fulfillment costs. There’s no shipping department, no receptionist, no couriers, etc. I top hang to terror about online costs.

I will, therefore, pass those financial savings on to you. It’s miles a bag-bag for each of us! I place in costs and you place in worth!

Articulate “GoodBye” to Your Boss and “HELLO!” to a Better Strategy of Life!

Right here’s a re-cap of what you derive whilst you aquire the Neat Affiliate Handbook:

  • The top complete web online affiliate advertising and marketing direction by a REAL Neat Affiliate who now no longer top teaches but DOES the work.
  • Gigantic phone session decrease worth
  • 100% Money-Again Guarantee

In dispute for you a financially fair future by working from residence for your computer, then…

Health, Happiness, and Files superhighway Riches to You!

P.S. Once you purchased right here to this Web place shopping for files on be taught the technique to manufacture cash with affiliate applications, this book is for you. No other affiliate helpful resource affords such legitimate, in-depth perception into this thrilling industry. And you will also dispute it right here correct now!

P.P.S. You’ve bought plenty to compose and nothing to lose with my 56-day Threat-Free Money Again Guarantee. Newsflash: Attributable to I’m at the present offering this book at decrease than one-third the worth of opponents, this worth would possibly perchance perchance also merely now no longer final long! So compose your self a settle on and dispute it now sooner than the price goes up!

P.P.P.S. Don’t wait! You too can enjoy the each day life and freedom that I and others hang stumbled on by working an web online affiliate advertising and marketing industry. Why work your butt off for an unappreciative boss, for little returns, when your have Files superhighway industry can provide the entire cash you’ll ever need?

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